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Announcing Make Influence 3.0 - The first step in a new direction.

Jens Christian Ackermann

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We are thrilled to announce the release in Beta of Make Influence 3.0 for our business customers, a radical UX update that will pave the way to an incrementally new Make Influence. A brand new UI, some mighty powerful new features and an updated frontend logic that will make future updates faster and smoother - keep reading to learn what you can expect.

What is Make Influence 3.0? 

From the 13th of Februray 2024, you will not find the same old Make Influence when logging in. Instead, you will be welcomed by a brand new, leaner, more intuitive design and Interface, and a few much anticipated features that are promised to make your work more simple. Make Influence 3.0 is our most ambitious product updates in years, and a long time in the making, and it will serve as the basis for how we develop the product in the future in smaller, incremental and more frequent updates. 

 For now, what you will find when logging in Make Influence as a business user, you will find: 

  • Improved Campaign Creation: All key features are now easier to reach, making your workflow simpler, faster and more pleasant. 
  • Improved Collaboration: Communicate with one, many or all creators on your campaign, and share files, images and soon voice notes too! Our new chat is more stable, more powerful, making it easier to communicate with as many creators as you need, the way you prefer. Creators can also reach out to brands they are not collaborating with, putting you in contact with creators wanting to work with you.
  • Free Trial: Everyone can now get started on Make Influence for free.
  • Faster Product Updates: Going forward, we will be releasing updates incrementally: smaller bites, more often. 

New features: 

Make Influence 3.0 will get many new features that will benefit brands a lot. This is a completely new front-end logic, which will allow us to deliver new updates at a faster rate and in more digestible bites than what we have got our clients used to. We have also gotten rid of some features that were not living up to the standard we are aiming for and which did not add value to our customers. On top of this, we have worked on some high-demand feature updates to get more work done, with less.


New Design and Easier to Use

One of the first things we wanted to tackle was our UX/UI. In Make Influence 3.0 you will experience a more updated and modern user experience, which is much easier to navigate. We'll make sure your creator and campaign data are shown in a way that's easy to understand, helping you make smart decisions based on the data.




Easier and faster to use: From recruitment to payout 

It is now much easier and faster to do every task you need to do on the platform. Recruit, invite, accept, and decline influencers in bulk actions, saving you time and speeding up your recruitment.

Campaign creation is also changing making it easier to design the perfect campaign for your creators, faster. 



Improved Chat: 

We're excited to announce the expansion of our chat functionality, empowering you to engage with all your influencers seamlessly within a single group chat dedicated to your campaign. You can now effortlessly communicate with individual creators,  groups, or every creator associated with your campaign, streamlining your communication channels. 

We have also added much-needed and requested features such as being able to attach files and images to messages.
We are also working hard on adding voice messages to the chat, which will be deployed in the coming weeks. 




Faster Product Updates:

As we move forward we're changing our product philosophy. Weekly or bi-weekly product updates with new features will be the norm.


What’s next?

This update is now live for business users as beta. The next big step is deploying our new UI to our creators as well, which we expect to be completed by the end of February. This is just the first of a handful of updates we have planned in the next months, both for businesses and creators.

In the upcoming releases, we will focus on:

  • Make Influence 3.0 for Creators: New Creator Interface, mobile-friendly and easier to use.
  • New Compensation Models: Upfront, Pay-per-impression, Content Campaigns and Product Gifting
  • Tik-Tok Integration: Performance campaigns on TikTok? You betcha!

You can now try Make Influence for free!

Start a 30 days full-product free trial, and discover the power of performance based influencer marketing. 

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