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Nano-influencer: What are nano-influencers and how to use them in your marketing?

Francesco Pastorelli
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Nano-influencer is not the most common word used in the influencer marketing world. You have probably heard about macro- or micro-influencers. Well, nano-influencer is the word for a social media creator who is at the beginning of their career with fewer followers than the other two.  Definition for nano influencers vary, with some outlets speaking of nano influencer of anyone under 10k followers on instagram, while others just with less than 1000 followers.

Influencer marketing is a relatively new marketing channel, and so is nano-influencer marketing – used to let brands work on campaigns with online personalities. Influencer marketing will benefit both the brand and the influencer. The brand gets increased product visibility and awareness, and the influencer earns compensation for the work.  

This article will discuss what a nano-influencer is and how you can incorporate nano-influencers into your marketing campaigns. 


What is a nano-influencer? 

Some people call them micro-influencers, and some have separated this group from other influencers – and call them nano-influencers. The group includes everyone with less than 10.000 followers on Instagram and partners with brands to promote products to a smaller and more specific audience.

Usually, the number of followers is unimportant when talking about nano-influencers. They are your everyday social media users who choose to seize on some brand collaboration opportunities. 

Nano-influencers are generally less polished than micro- or macro-influencers; their followers see them as more down-to-earth and genuine than their colleagues with more followers.  


4 relevant nano-influencers in 2022 

Brea Feazel 


8,093 followers on Instagram

Brea is a lifestyle influencer from the US who shares content about home styling, momlife, DIY craft, and cleaning and organizing methods. Besides her Instagram account she also has a Youtube channel called Glam by Brea. Breas bright and happy social media platforms is dedicated to her influential profession with post pushing helpful parenting advice and home decorating, among other things. She is also a great proponent of healthy eating and she enjoys beauty and fashion.  

The influencer Brea Feazel putting up a home made wreath on her door.


Alexis Baker 


4,824 followers on Instagram 

Alexis Baker is an American beauty nano-influencer who has been featured on the New York Times for her curated content on Instagram. After several posts praising products like Suave Professionals Rose Oil Infusion shampoo, Clinique Beyond Perfecting foundation and concealer, and Loco Coffee, she was scouted by an influencer marketing agency. Now she works with well-known skincare, beauty, and clothing brands in the market. Alexis also publishes content on her Youtube channel where she moste share her makeup and skincare routines. 

The influencer Alexis Baker posing with a drink in her hand, showing up her make up.


Carla Jian 


8,534 followers on Instagram 

Carla Jian is an American mom blogger and a successful nano-influencer that is active on Instagram. She is also a multifaceted teacher of health and fitness – a certified yoga instructor and a well-respected holistic health coach. On her Instagram she publishes content about mom life, training and living a healthy lifestyle.  

The influencer Carla Jian snuggling in the sofa with her two kids.


Shoraye Khatter 


7,978 followers on Instagram 

Shoraye is a top nano-influencer on Instagram and an Australian-based Indian fashion model and actor. I publish lifestyle and fashion content as well as inspirational travel pictures.

 The influencer Shoraye Khatter relaxed in a sun bed during one of his travels.


Why collaborate with nano-influencers?

Nowadays, anyone with a few followers on Instagram can market a brand on their social media platforms. Some companies may not understand the advantages of collaboration with nano-influencers. They prefer macro-influencers or celebrities, with hundreds of thousands of people who follow and look up to them. But nano-influencers are beneficial for both your budget and audience.   

Nano influencers are often paid commission based on results they generate, or per piece of content produced, so it is hard to set a specific price for how much a nano-influencer collaboration will cost. However, the average price for a nano-influencer piece of content is on the range of $10-$200. Compared to micro influencers, nano influencers will often be happy with free products, but we still recommend you give a monetary incentive as well. Therefore, using a nano-influencer is an excellent option if you are doing an influencer marketing campaign with a minimal budget. 

When doing nano-influencer marketing, the amount of followers a potential collaborating influencer has is not very important. Instead, you should focus on who’s following and how engaged they are, and make sure your target audience matches with their audience demographic. 

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When is nano-influencer marketing a good idea? 

If you, for example, have a new small business with little money to spend on marketing, using nano-influencers could be a great idea. You probably want to include other marketing activities in the strategy, and therefore you may not be able to pay an influencer with a large account. Save some money by using a nano-influencer with a small follower account who creates content that fits your brand perfectly.

Another way to use nano-influencers is to get them to produce content for you, that you can repurpose on your other channels. Usually, this type of collaboration is cheaper than hiring models and photographers to create content for your website. On top of this, influencers create beautiful and relatable real life imagery of your content that performs very well on your ads and website, so you can repurpose it for your other channels (remember to clear this out with the creator first!).

Working with several nano-influencers can help you generate content to repurpose and give you paid reviews that you can use in ads. 

With this kind of collaboration, the influencer does not necessarily have to promote your brand in great detail, but they can limit themselves to producing the content for you and maybe post it naturally in their feed just tagging you in their post. This is called product placement, and it’s a very effective type of influencer campaign type that works great with e-commerce and direct to consumer marketing.


How does someone become a nano-influencer?

If you, as a creator, want to become a nano-influencer, the main thing you need to do is to build an audience that looks up to you and trusts you. In addition, you will need the necessary knowledge to manage your social media channel of preference. A good idea is to check out how influencers with larger accounts do it. Learn more about what an influencer is, how you build an influencer marketing strategy and much other valuable knowledge about influencer marketing on the Make Influence website.

It is beneficial to show brands why working with you will give them a positive return on investment (ROI). This is more important than how many followers you have. The essential thing is that followers engage with your content. Companies only want to collaborate with you if your content generates likes, comments and views – and if your audience matches the target audience they are trying to reach.

Make sure to familiarize yourself with social media tools. These are tools that can help you manage your social posts and campaigns. For example, these tools could be used to schedule posts ahead of time or view analytics. 


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