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Step-by-step guide for your Black Friday campaign

Jens Christian Ackermann

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With Black Friday right around the corner, it's time to gear up for a successful campaign that can help your e-commerce business shine. In this easy-to-follow guide, we'll break down the key steps to make your Black Friday influencer marketing strategy a hit.

Starting with setting your campaign goals and strategy, we'll help you navigate the world of influencer marketing, whether you're a pro or just getting started. Let's dive into the tactics that can make your Black Friday a success.


Step 1: Campaign Goals and Strategy

Black Friday is nearing. Before talking to influencers, sit down and define your campaign objectives. Ask yourself what you want to achieve: Is it increased sales, more website traffic, or heightened brand awareness? Your goals will serve as the foundation for your campaign strategy.

Think about what’s possible with influencer marketing. Do you want more leads to prepare for a huge Black Friday launch, are you going to retarget your website traffic or are you only focused on sales?

How are you going to pay your influencers? Upfront or per sale, lead, or click. How many influencers do you want? What is your budget?


Choosing between pay-per-performance and upfront payment

One of the key strategies to set for your influencer marketing is how you’re going to pay them. Some influencers might only want upfront, while some are more lenient to try pay-per-performance.

Most importantly pay-per-performance ensures that you and your influencers are more aligned.


Step 2: Figure out what kind of influencer you need

After setting your campaign objective, start thinking about what kind of influencers you want to work with. Consider factors such as audience demographics, engagement rates, and content style. This is also the time to assess their authenticity and relevance to your niche.

For audience demographics, it is important to find influencers with followers in relevant countries for your brand. Don’t just look at follower count, but take a deep dive into these metrics. You can do this through Make Influence’s recruitment tool.

Two influencers follower data

Another thing that is key to recruiting influencers, is your brand resonating with the influencer and their followers. Should the influencers be nano, micro, and macro?


Step 3: Create your campaign brief

It is now time to create your campaign brief. Here you should explain your campaign, payment, and requirements for the influencers. Do they need a minimum amount of followers and what channels should they advertise on?

Align your campaign goals with your campaign brief and create


Your campaign brief is there to attract influencers. Make it exciting and explain why your brand is awesome to work with.

Not sure how to build a good campaign brief? Don’t worry we created a template for you to use.


Step 4: Start recruiting influencers


Now is the perfect moment to kick off your influencer recruitment efforts. Begin by reaching out to potential influencers who align with your brand's ethos. Initiate meaningful conversations about your campaign's objectives and explore their potential involvement. Keep in mind that securing influencers at the earliest possible stage is advantageous.

Share your campaign brief with them and elucidate why collaborating with your brand is a fantastic opportunity. Emphasize the array of benefits they can expect, including complimentary products, exclusive discount codes, and lucrative commissions.

Learn how to recruit, collaborate, and scale your influencer marketing using Make Influence right here.





Step 5: Collaboration and Clear Communication

Once you've identified the ideal influencers for your campaign, it's time to establish clear lines of communication. Outline the scope of their involvement, specifying the number of stories and posts required, along with the timing for these posts. Maintain transparency throughout the process, detailing when products will be sent and confirming their safe arrival. Effective communication is key to a successful influencer partnership.


Step 6: Activate your influencers

Whether your campaign is scheduled for Black Friday or extends to a Black Week promotion, it's crucial to ensure your influencers are activated at the right moment. Recognize that these influencers lead busy lives, so it's a wise move to send them friendly reminders to fulfill their partnership commitments.

If you've followed the steps above and maintained transparent communication in the weeks leading up to the campaign, activating your influencers should be a straightforward task.

Remember to monitor your influencers' content as the rollout happens. Are they doing what you agreed on?


Step 7: Evaluate Your Black Friday Results

Once your campaign wraps up, it's time to take a close look at how well it performed. There are two main things you should focus on:


1. Overall Campaign Performance

To gauge how well your campaign did, check out a few important numbers:

  • Clicks: How many people interacted with your campaign.
  • Sales: How many products or services were sold.
  • Revenue: The money your campaign generated.
  • Conversion Rates: The percentage of people who took the desired action.

Compare your campaign's performance against your initial goals and see how it stacks up against other marketing efforts.

Unsure about where to find all this data from your influencer campaigns? Make Influence track everything for you, automatically. Learn more right here.


2. Influencer-Specific Data

Dig into the numbers for each influencer to identify any standouts. Who went above and beyond? These overachievers might just be your brand's next best thing.

Consider keeping the top-performing influencers in mind for future campaigns. It's a strong indicator that their followers resonate with your brand, making them excellent potential brand ambassadors.

Evaluating your Black Friday campaign in this way can help you make informed decisions and boost your future marketing efforts.

With the data to back it up, you can now start running multiple campaigns with the perfect influencers. Want to do your influencer marketing performance-driven? Try out Make Influence.

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