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Make Influence was acquired by Custimy - The future of e-commerce

Francesco Pastorelli
Marketing Growth Lead at Make Influence, I have a background in growing early stage startups through digital...

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We’re beyond excited to announce that Make Influence and Custimy are joining forces by signing an acquisition that has no precedents in the b2c e-commerce marketing space.
By combining the power of their data-driven marketing tools and their shared knowledge of the e-commerce industry, the new company aims at empowering businesses to create more effective, personalized, and relationship-based marketing campaigns that leverage customer insight to drive higher profit and sustainable business growth.


What is Custimy?

Custimy is a leading customer data platform for e-commerce businesses. It allows brands to understand and engage with their customers across all touchpoints through a range of features and capabilities, including customer data management, customer journey mapping, personalization, automation, and analytics. Their goal is to help businesses build stronger customer relationships by delivering relevant and personalized experiences, while ultimately driving higher campaign ROI and profit.


How did Make Influence and Custimy came to be?

Make Influence and Custimy are two SaaS startups that were founded in Copenhagen around the same time. While sharing the same office space during the summer of 2022, our teams got to share beautiful moments together, bonded over shared struggles and challenges, motivated each other to do better, shared learnings, and exchanged valuable feedback. As we got to know each other better, we quickly realized that we had a lot more in common than our product offerings would suggest.

Custimy exists to empower SMBs to build stronger, better businesses through data-informed marketing.

In the last few months, together with our partners and investors, we started tracing a path that could bring the two companies to join forces and leverage these synergies to better serve our customers and community of creators, while drafting the opportunities for helping even more e-commerce businesses grow by eventually integrating of our products.

Together, Make Influence and Custimy platforms will empower e-commerce brands with data-driven insights, innovative tools, and a collaborative community to optimize their digital marketing campaigns, connect with their customers, and build long-lasting relationships with their audience.


What does this mean for you?

For the time being, the collaboration between Make Influence and Custimy will primarily happen behind the scene. Our products will continue to function independently, and you can expect everything you love about our products and customer service to remain largely unchanged. However, in the background, our teams will start working together from day 1. While you will keep working with the Make Influence people you have got to know until now, our commercial and customer service departments will become one, with the goal of bringing you an improved experience and advantages to using the tools in combination.

From a product perspective, while we plan out a long-term roadmap that will lead to the full integration of our software, our priorities remain unchanged. In particular, we expect Custimy strong development team to speed up the time to market of some of the features our customers and influencers have long been waiting for, including Tiktok integration and a new user interface.

From day one, the integration with Custimy will give Make Influence business users an entirely new layer of insight into their influencer campaign and provide possibilities for enhanced, more complex, and data-driven cross-channel campaigns with influencers’ content. For example, if you decide to integrate Custimy in your data and analytics setup, you will be able to:

  1. Discover which influencers bring customers segments that are the most valuable to you, for example, high spenders, or those with high purchase frequency (and hence the highest Lifetime Value).
  2. You can use their segmentation capabilities to isolate visitors/customers coming from one campaign or influencer and retarget them via Instagram ads.

Ready to bring your influencer marketing effort to the next level? Book a demo today to learn how Custimy can help you!

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